For the last few years I have been a sales manager for a mid-sized business, I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Business Management.  Fitness was always on my mind, even when I was younger, but I still struggled with cellulite.  Then in my mid twenties, I decided I needed to make better choices and find a cure for cellulite.  That was the beginning of this journey.

Currently for me the overall goal is to help women find out how to get rid of cellulite and live healthier, happier lives by providing advice about nutrition and fitness choices. First and foremost I believe in being fit, eating right, feeling good and looking great.  I want to share my journey and what I learned with any women who have also struggled with cellulite and fitness.

I have tried numerous diets, remedies, products and creams over the years.  Like many women I have had issues with my diet, binge eating at stressful times which led to being overweight. Severe dieting to lose that weight, which created other issues. My weight yo-yo’ed for years. In the beginning of this personal journey like so many others I was not informed about the best exercises and nutrition to cure cellulite and just be as fit as possible.

Since then I have discovered some great answers on how to get rid of cellulite.  One day I decided that these remedies needed to be revealed to every women who could benefit from them.  I will also review some products that I feel did not work best for me.  Not being a webmaster or SEO expert it has taken me some time to get this blog running the way I wanted it to. Today I hope to help as many as possible.

I started this blog with this preeminent goal in mind.  Once I realized that this information could be beneficial to every woman who lives with cellulite, I felt it had to be shared. The product reviews you will find in my blog are for different types of remedies that will really help you to reduce, remove cellulite or steer you clear of the products that are more hype than an actual remedy. The programs that work will provide you with a straightforward plan that anyone can follow and help you to achieve the results you want!  Isn’t it time to get rid of cellulite once and for all?  Read my blog and start your own journey.

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